A downloadable game for Windows

It's a game made for RPG Maker Jam 1 hour.

Version :

English : SoundorSilenceWin

French : [FR]SoundorSilenceWin

La version française ne sert qu'à la communauté, la version faite pour la jam étant la version anglaise.

Pour ceux qui ont du mal avec l'anglais !


/!\ This game has two endings /!\

You're in a dark room, you have completely the choice.

Which one do you want to choice ?

Sound, or Silence ?


Credits :

- Leonnell Cassio : From Me to You

- Melancholical on Youtube

- Bip cardiogramme.


SoundorSilenceWin.zip 58 MB
[HORSJAM][FR]SoundorSilenceWin.zip 58 MB


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A good idea , this short visual novel can be a little more longer than that, with more reflexion ,but good concept

Hi !

Thanks for playing this short game !

I know that this game deserves to be longer but it was realized for the rpg maker jam 1h by RPG Maker Alliance.

So, this game was made in only one hour.

But thank you very much for your advice, it will be useful for my future projects !